About Tyler

My name is Tyler Topping and I am a student, a downhill skateboard racer, a photographer, a son, a friend and a person with a never-ending drive to live the most exciting life I possibly can. 

I grew up on a small horse farm in Maryland about 20 minutes outside of Washington, D.C.  I was raised by Thomas and Jennifer, a computer salesman and health advocate, respectively.  From an early age, I have always sought adventure and new experiences.  I have a drive to see what is around the corner and to find the next-best thing.  This has led me to have a life-long passion for innovation and creating. 

Fast forward to 2014, I found myself a freshman at the University of Arizona studying business.  Up until August 2014, I had never moved from my small horse farm in Maryland.  This complete change of environment and physically removing myself from my comfort zone pushed me to grow as an individual and further increased my personal drive. 



Over the past four years, I have taken the initiative to provide myself with countless experiences that have been critical in developing essential professional and life skills that shape who I am today.  I have taken on leadership roles, vigilantly learned about different cultures in an ever globalizing world, and put myself into unfamiliar environments to gain a better grasp of the world around me. 

Through my travels, studies, and personal projects, I have learned the value of perseverance, inquisition, drive, creativity, and hard work. 

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