Photo by Owen Fox.

Photo by Owen Fox.

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About Ty Top

Born and raised in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia), Tyler spent his formative years surrounded by the diverse visuals, sounds, and cultures that comprise this beautiful region. His upbringing gave him a deep appreciation for the human element in daily life.

In 2010, Tyler started riding skateboards down hills. This quickly became the motivating driver in his life and has brought him to every corner of North America over the past 9 years.

In 2015, one year after moving to Arizona from Maryland, Tyler purchased his first DSLR camera while he was injured and started shooting his friends riding down hills. This is how Tyler got his start in the world of photography.

Since the beginning, portraiture and documenting Downhill Skateboarding have been the main focus of Tyler’s photography. Tyler has become one of the premier downhill skateboarding photographers in North America due to his unique approach in exposing the sport and has had his work featured across many publications including VICE and Skate[Slate].