Personal Life

During my free time, you can always find me outside.  Whether its hiking a new trail, skateboarding down a mountain, or simply taking photos with friends - you can count me in for any adventure!


Downhill Skateboarding

In 2010, after seeing classmates riding around town, I decided to buy a longboard.  Since then, I have become a highly competitive racer who has competed on an international professional stage.  In August 2016, I won the downhill race at the Central Mass Skate Festival, one of the most attended downhill race in the United States with over 150 competitors.  Downhill is both my passion and my hobby and I pursue it recreationally with joy and excitement.


For as long as I can remember, I have always had an itch for finding new places.  In 2014, I left my home Maryland for a two-week road trip in British Colombia, Canada in an RV with a bunch of skaters who ended up becoming some of my closest friends.  Since then, I have taken travel on a limited budget into my own hands by hopping in my car and visiting 44 states as well as four Canadian provinces - all for the sake of adventure.

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I have been taking photos ever since I was a child.  Some of my earliest memories were cranking the plastic dial on a disposable film camera to get to the next frame.  In 2016, I decided to invest into a professional-grade camera and start to take my art more seriously.  Since then, I have used photography as both a creative outlet and a source of income.  Examples of my work are in the gallery below.